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The Brothers of Blue Fire
Book 1 of The Faigann Trilogy


In a world full of political unrest, the Lunoran royal family once stood united. Unfortunately, the four princes have found themselves on very different paths. While Nazar prepares to inherit the throne, and Damon climbs the ranks of the military, Zeke has secluded himself in his religious duties, and Sarec travels the continent on a journey of self discovery. When they do meet, conversations turn to arguments, and resentments abound. But as the mysterious and menacing "Viper" continues to harass the kingdom, and Sarec is kidnapped on his travels, the remaining brothers must set aside their differences and bond together to save one of their own... and possibly the world.

All Written Works.


This page is where you can find all of my written works, sorted only by release date. It also includes works that don't fit into one of the main series, making it easier to discover what I have to offer.

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